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  • Europe’s climate in 2050

    The speed and magnitude of the climate change we are facing today is unprecedented. Heatwaves, droughts, floods… We are feeling its effects on our daily lives, year after year. Its impacts will increase at least until 2050 and every region of Europe will be affected.

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  • Reducing uncertainty in local climate projections

    Making the last quarantine profitable by developing an application based on R Shiny, illustrating the Kriging for Climate Change method to provide constrained local climate projections. A good complement to the IPCC interactive atlas, which is only based on raw simulations.

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Recent Publications

  • & , Reducing uncertainty in local temperature projections, Science Advances 8, eabo6872.
  • et al., Global warming at near-constant tropospheric relative humidity is supported by observations, Communications Earth & Environment 3, 1–7.
  • , Past and future response of the North Atlantic warming hole to anthropogenic forcings, Earth System Dynamics Discussions, 1–20.

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